About the Doctor


Dr. Miguel E. Cordova

Dr. Miguel E. Cordova graduated in 1992 from Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine and after moved to South Florida he landed a job with a multi-practice company and soon oversaw two of their satellite clinics in a new upscale developing area. After seven years as an associate and having built a solid clientele base, he pursued his dream of owning his own practice.

Animal Health Center at Weston is the result of Dr. Cordova’s carefully planned state of the art facility that includes modern equipment and many features for the comfort and convenience of the clients. At the time he was the only bilingual veterinarian in town in a community little more than 10,000 people and saw a great opportunity to grow.

Today, Dr. Cordova is a very well recognized doctor, loved and respected by his clients and with a special touch with animals.

“We designed our hospital to be inviting to people so they can feel good about bringing their pets and knowing they would be getting the best veterinary care with a caring staff they can trust.” Dr. Miguel E. Cordova DVM

Our Dedicated Staff:

  • Miguel E. Cordova – Doctor
  • Zorimar Cordova – Marketing
  • Jose Leverone – Office Manager
  • Neysa M. Serrano – Assist.Manager & Receptionist
  • Maria Leon – Receptionist & Kennel Attendant
  • Marianna Cordova – Receptionist
  • Idelmaro Daza – Technician
  • Marielba Querales – Technician
  • Victor – Technician
  • Martha Moss – Technician
  • Jaime Cordero – Technician Assistant
  • Sanrry Labrador – Kennel Attendant
  • Ivan Cordova – Kennel Attendant
  • Alyssa Aguilar – Kennel Attendant
  • Daisy Mehling – Kennel Attendant